Climbing Mount Warning in Video

Sydney Trip In Video Form

My trip to Sydney with my good friend Shannon :)

I climbed Mount Warning with 3 of my 4 housemates: Dylan, Kaela, and Aurelien.  The name comes from Captain Cooke upon discovery of the island.  He believed the mountain was a warning to not land there because of the dangers of coral.  As crazy as it sounds, apparently there was a coral bed there and he would’ve crashed his boat.

From my trip to Casino, NSW.  This is the area where my roommate Dylan lives.

It’s the Cow Capital of Australia.  Makes Ellington look like NYC.

10/23 (Day 101)

Sorry for not posting in ages, I’ve been busy.  All my projects, essays, and trying to enjoy the stay here all got built up at the same time and I just found some worth while free time a couple of days ago.  So today I’ll write a long post.

Its Tuesday today and I just finished my last 8am botany/zoology lab, so for the rest of the regular school schedule I don’t have to wake up before 10:59 for my 11:00 class on Thursday. Then at noon Thursday the year is over, so I only have 2.5 days of school left until a week long break called “study week.”  Whether or not any studying actually takes place is a different story though. *If you’re my mom reading this, then I will be studying all day and night for the entire week.*  Then I have 2 finals on November 3rd and 1 on the 8th.  Then I have Hangout-for-10-days-before-I-hop-on-the-plane time to relax and do whatever I want. I’m trying to get to Melbourne on the 15th and stay there until the 17th.  There’s a concert there on the 16th I want to go to so it’s my justification for traveling there.  Not that I need any since I’m in Australia and I should be exploring but it gives that extra push to make my way out there.

It’s getting unbearably hot here and it’s slowly (but surely) getting hotter.  Even the locals don’t like it but my mom would love it.  By unbearable I mean it’s probably mid-80’s, but without an A/C in my window blowing on me from 2 feet away, I get really hot and sticky and it’s not a good feeling when your trying to sleep.  It’s October… it’s supposed to be cold!

I’m going to go look through my computer to see if there are any pictures worth posting on here for you to enjoy.  If I have anything else to write, I will.  until then,  adios!

The Currents:

Song Playing: Cinderella Man by Eminem

Time: 12:40pm

Day: Tuesday October 23

Location:  My Room

Mood:  Exhaustingly Tired - I made that word up… Too humid to sleep. Average of 5 hours/night for the last 2 weeks -_-.  I can’t wait for the cold CT winter.

Marital Status: Single   «« haha

Oct 8

Our trip to Casino, NSW… aka Dylan’s hometown.

Day 58 (9/10)


Sep 8

We were given the visual with no noises and we had to add our own in for the assignment.  This is my version.  (This is the real visual for Screen Queensland)  No copyright infringement intended.  Enjoy.

Day 49?? (8/31)

Sorry for not posting like I should… It’s been a hectic couple weeks and I still have a lot more hectic weeks ahead of me.  It’s not like Marist, or any school that I’ve attended, here and I’m not used to the way it works here at all.

On a lighter note…. Leaving for Brisbane tomorrow!  I’m pumped!  I’m only going to be there for like 24 hours, but it’s the first time I’m actually leaving the Surfer’s Paradise/Southport area, so it should be nice.  There’s 30+ of us going and we’re staying in two different 20 person rooms at a hostel.  Never been to one before so that should be fun.  I will definitely be taking pictures/videos to post for you guys. So thumbs up there.  But yea, it’s Friday: the end of week 6 of school; week 7 for me in all. 

The Currents:

Mood: Tired, Excited for the Weekend

Time: 3:14pm

Position: My Room (As Always)

Song Playing: Remember Me – Lil Crazed

Eating: Crispy Bacon Flavored Chips (So Good)

I wrote about it earlier, so let’s show the pictures from it…. Here are a few pictures from the dance….  It’s for humor purposes only so… Enjoy. lol

Instrumetnals - Midterm Song

My midterm assignment in its complete form…  First song that actually sounded like something, so cut me some slack.

It has like a jazzy feel to it in my opinion.  Leave what you think in a comment on the right.