Day 44? (8/25)

So the day is here… the day that I lost track of how many days I’ve been here and don’t see the benefit of counting anymore. 

So let’s see, I went on a pub crawl last night.  We go to 5 different pubs/clubs and spend 90 minutes at each.  You get a free drink when you walk in and they have little contests and games for the contestants humiliation and the crowds enjoyment.  Unfortunately, when you volunteer, they don’t tell you what the game is until after everyone is up on stage.  Needless to say I volunteered.  Name of the game?  Give a lap dance to a girl competition!  We’ll leave it at that, but I walked away with $20 so no complaints.  So $20 in 2 minutes…. That’s like $600 an hour.  I could see myself surviving off of that for. 

The Currents:

Time: 12:40

Weather: 77*F

Place:  My Room

Mood: Content

Song Playing: “Magnetic” by Traphik

*Update:  Went to the beach with Shannon, Nick, and Ryan for the day.

Daay 33 (8/21)

Had a second.  Here you go:

The Currents

Time: 10:55pm

Weather: Clear 55*F

Mood: Nervous/Anxious/Mad

        ^Because I just took a midterm and don’t know how comfortable I feel about it.

Song: Outta Your Mind - Lil’ Jon

Day 32 (8/20)

It’s been like a week or something since I last posted.  Sorry.  I have a couple tests coming up and I’m busy and didn’t have time.  Here’s a quick video of some pictures and clips to hold you over for a little.

Day 32 (8/13)  Monday Mornings….

The Currents:

Mood: Sore, Hungry-Yet-Full, Tired

Weather: 55*F

Time: 9:17pm

Song Playing: Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

So many cords in my laptop!!

So many cords in my laptop!!

The Before and After pictures.

I call the masterpiece “Fishsticks and Pasta with Butter and Cheese and a Little Pepper for a Little Zing”  or for short: “FaPwBaCaalPfaLZ”  (Pronounced Fap-ou-back-all-falls)

A typical dinner for me when I have to cook.  Basically the extent that my cooking skills mixed with my taste buds will let me go :P 

My meal on Friday 8/10

Day 31 (8/12)

In approximately 14 hours, I will have been here for a month (13th to 13th).  In approximately 14 hours, I will have 3 months, and 5 days left here.  Just some figures I drew out in my head, that I figured I’d share.

This weekend was fine.  I walked 6.5 miles to Surfer’s Paradise on Friday at midnight.  Should’ve been a little shorter, but I got lost.  The worst part is, I got there to find out that no one else was there.  Luckily, I caught the 2:00am bus to bring us partly there.  The buses don’t usually operate that late.  They stop at like 10:30, but for some reason, this random bus was driving by as I was passing the bus stop.  Saturday I went with Shannon, Abby, Lacee, and Sarah to Surfer’s.  Luckily this time there were people there haha.  And today, Sunday, I went to Waxy’s and Melbas.  I got a drink, 2 steaks, and 3 orders of fries for $11.  I actually got 3 steaks.  Whenever I go to Melbas, the lady always gives me an extra steak.  I’m not complaining though.  Free food :). 

So now I’m home,  it’s 11:11 at night and I’m on my way to bed so I can wake up for class at 9am tomorrow.  Maybe you’ll get a video tomorrow if I have time and something to say.

As for now, I’ll leave you with “The Currents” (something I’m going to start trying out) and go to bed.  Goodnight!

The Currents:

Mood: Relaxed, Full, Tired, Dreading Tomorrow.

Song Playing: Just the Way You Are (Remix) - D-Pryde

Weather: ~50*F

Aug 8
Had to buy a lab coat for science class.  Felt like showing it off haha

Had to buy a lab coat for science class.  Felt like showing it off haha

Aug 8

Day 27 (8/8)

Unsurprisingly, I only just found a card from my mom that was packed in my suitcase. That means that I just finished unpacking. I’ve been here for almost 4 weeks haha. I’ve basically been living out of my suitcase until today, so we’ll see how it goes now that I have all my stuff unpacked. We all know I’m not the tidiest person in the world, so it should be interesting to watch this unfold. It’s Wednesday which means free busses to Sin City night club and free entry. This week though, I’m just going on the free bus, going to get a couple free drinks, then going to the arcade down the street to play some laser tag with some friends. Hopefully it’s cool. None of us have ever been. If it sucks: well, it was still a cheap night and now I know not to go.

I’m writing this hours before posting it because of the lack of free internet, but the plan is to do laundry once some machines open up. I may end up being lazy and putting it off again for the 4th day in a row.

Today in class, I learned how to use Logic Pro. A program to make music. Again……I’m not good at making music. No ear for it. Oh well. I just need a good grade in the class and we’re good. Last night, I stayed up with my Aussie housemate to watch the Australia vs USA water polo game. Game was awesome. It was close the entire time and it was a nice feelings beating the Aussies in front of an Aussie haha.

**Update: I ended up doing laundry… I shouldn’t have though because now I have no clothes! The washer broke and I returned to the machine to find my clothes sitting in an ocean of dirty-soap water at the bottom of it. So not only did I lose my $3, waste my time waiting and doing the laundry; but now I have to spend more time doing laundry, spend more money doing laundry, and I have no clothes to wear tonight! -__- Had to put the clothes through the dryer twice to dry them. It was a $10 investment to do laundry this week. Not happy about it.

Aug 5

I threw a couple clips that I took throughout the trip together.

Aug 5

Forgot to upload these, and I forget the day it took place.  But Enjoy.  It was some Friday since I’ve been here.  Me, Jimmy, Ryan, and Mario.

Aug 5

Day 23 (8/4)

Me and Smith went for a walk around 1.  We got lost for 6 hours.  We ended up at Sea World, 5km from where we wanted to be.  These are some of the pictures from our journey.

Click to enlarge a picture

Aug 3

Day 21 - First full week of school, schedule, and other random things.

"A bridge I cross everyday to get to campus"  Inside joke… you probably wouldn’t get it. 

But it is the bridge I cross to get to campus everyday.

"A bridge I cross everyday to get to campus"  Inside joke… you probably wouldn’t get it. 

But it is the bridge I cross to get to campus everyday.

Not used to this size.  Big change from 30 max people at Marist.

Top holds 270 seats.

Bottom holds 110 seats.