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Day 31 (8/12)

In approximately 14 hours, I will have been here for a month (13th to 13th).  In approximately 14 hours, I will have 3 months, and 5 days left here.  Just some figures I drew out in my head, that I figured I’d share.

This weekend was fine.  I walked 6.5 miles to Surfer’s Paradise on Friday at midnight.  Should’ve been a little shorter, but I got lost.  The worst part is, I got there to find out that no one else was there.  Luckily, I caught the 2:00am bus to bring us partly there.  The buses don’t usually operate that late.  They stop at like 10:30, but for some reason, this random bus was driving by as I was passing the bus stop.  Saturday I went with Shannon, Abby, Lacee, and Sarah to Surfer’s.  Luckily this time there were people there haha.  And today, Sunday, I went to Waxy’s and Melbas.  I got a drink, 2 steaks, and 3 orders of fries for $11.  I actually got 3 steaks.  Whenever I go to Melbas, the lady always gives me an extra steak.  I’m not complaining though.  Free food :). 

So now I’m home,  it’s 11:11 at night and I’m on my way to bed so I can wake up for class at 9am tomorrow.  Maybe you’ll get a video tomorrow if I have time and something to say.

As for now, I’ll leave you with “The Currents” (something I’m going to start trying out) and go to bed.  Goodnight!

The Currents:

Mood: Relaxed, Full, Tired, Dreading Tomorrow.

Song Playing: Just the Way You Are (Remix) - D-Pryde

Weather: ~50*F